dropped my xr4 today, have steering problem,questi


Mar 19, 2001
I dropped the xr4 today, going up a rocky trail, the bike landed on the pipe and the handlebar, right side. When I finally got upright and to the top of the hill, my wheel was pointing straight, and my bars were pointed in the two oclock position. The bars werent bent, thanks I think to the bark busters and the Renthals. Anyway, I got in front of the bike and straddled the front tire and grabbed the bars and yanked them into the straight position and kept riding. My question is, what do I need to tighten and do to get everything straight? Do I tighten the steering stem nut, the fork pinch bolts or both. Also, how do you guys make sure youre bars are exactly perpindicular to the front wheel? any tips? I am pretty sure nothing is bent, help please! P.S. The pumper carb was puking fuel when I picked the bike up, two kicks and viola! By the way, had a great ride, chasing a YZ250, the guy said he kept hearing my bike behind him and didnt want to slow me down, so he kept speeding up! I gotta say the xr did great, I was right on his back fender the whole time, rear brake locked up around the sharp corners, what a workout! Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance.


Jul 18, 2001
twisted triple clamp

loosen all pinch bolts,stem nut, and axle pinch. realign the legs and clamps ,tighten pinch and stem, push forks down thru as much stroke as possible, tighten axle pinch , go riding
this is all based on the premiss all is straight


Sep 22, 2000
Grab your--

helmet visor and chin bar while keeping your head straight turn your helmet sideways until everything looks straight. ;) :eek:

If that doesn't work-- then do exactly as vetexrcr suggested. :)

Nothing will make you smile quicker than seeing a 2smoker blow a corner from fear of that gawd awful four stroke racket behind him. :)
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Jul 5, 2000
I have had this problem after a hard fall with all of my XR's,(96 250, 97 400, 00 650) it's just part of the conentoinal fork's on the XR's.
There is nothing that I've found that will absolutly prevent this from hapening, even SRC's fork brace doesn't help this problem.

After your back at home after your ride, do what vetexrcr said to do.

This problem can get agrivating, I usualy try and find a tree or a buddies rear tire to smack the frontend against to try and straighten while on the trail, trying to ride while off center isn't a good idea, belive me I know.
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Aug 8, 1999
Be GLAD that it is happening - it means you didn't really hurt anything!

You might want to make sure your triple clamp bolts are at the correct torque value so that it does not happen during smaller get-offs. The repeated stress is not good on the parts. 14 pound-feet is common on USDs, and I run the conventionals at 20.

CPT Jack

Jun 27, 2000

The exact same thing happended to me on my XR4 last ride. Just dropped it lightly and it was way out of whack. By the end of the day, I had wiped out 5 times and had no confidence in my front end.

I figured that everything up top needs to be tightened up every few rides.

P.S. I've got a pumper carb on the way - can't wait to see how it feels.
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