Apr 19, 2000
Going to change the fork oil any advise on weight and how much. Do I check the level with the spring out and the forks collapsed. Should I take them apart and clean them?

John Curea

Feb 29, 2000
Take them apart, only way to get the crud out, it all collects at the bottom right on the base valving.

Yes, the oil level is set with the springs out and the forks collapsed

Note, when turning the forks upside down to initially drain the oil be careful not to loose the rebound adjusting needle and spring. This item is "captured" in most late model forks but not the DRZ Showas. The spring and needle "lives" in the piston rod. The last set I did the customer previously changed the oil himself, when I received the forks the rebound adjuster needle and spring were MIA!! :scream:
Good Luck, Vet
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