Dunlop Geomax AT82 First Look


Andrew Oldar

by: Andrew Oldar


Dunlop has released a few new dirt bikes tires in the past year and a half including the Geomax MX14 sand/mud rear, Geomax MX34 soft-to-intermediate-terrain front and rear, and Geomax Enduro EN91EX hard enduro rear. The Geomax AT82 is yet another addition to the lineup, which is the successor of the Geomax AT81 as Dunlop’s off-road racing tire.“Creating a tire to replace the tried-and-true AT81 was no easy task,” Dunlop off-road motorcycle tire senior manager Broc Glover said. “Having a tire perform and be consistent on such a wide range of terrain and obstacles you encounter off-road ...

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