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Mar 29, 2001
My 1995 husky WR360 is either letting too much gas in, or not providing enough electricity to the spark plug.
I have narrowed it down to this after having a lot of trouble turning the engine on after not revving it up a lot. I dunno how you say this in english, but it's the same trouble you'd have if you turn the gas supply off and let the bike on the ground for ten minutes.

I figured I had to rev it up bigtime when it was supposed to be idle or before turning it off, after I looked at the spark plug at it was soaked in gas.

So, I guess i need this info (anything else is welcome of course):

- How much voltage and current should be present at the connection with the spark plug when I give the bike a kick? In idle
- How much space should there be in the spark plug for the spark to be produced (or which spark plug should I use)
- How much air should be let in?

Where do you think I could find this kind of information? Of course, I could take it to a shop, but two have already failed at fixing the problem. I'm starting to feel I should do it myself.

Thanks to all


Apr 22, 2001
You need about 45vac at kickstart speed.

For spark plug gap you really should look in you bikes manual, but 0.026 should make the engine run.


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Nov 14, 2000
Adjust the air screw. It will add more air. The air should even out the balance. That might help. If that doesn't then I would try opening the fuel valve less ( ???? maybe ) Probaly not. Other than that I don't know what would cause this.
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