bruce j

Dec 14, 2001
I am thinking about buying a used engine for my bike over the internet. The seller says the engine has been stored in oil ( I am assuming engine oil but will check) for 11 years. I have never heard of anyone doing this before, so I'm not completely sure if it's a good thing or not. Any opinions? Any problems the oil might have caused, to the clutch or anything else? The bike is an 84 Yamaha TY250L, the engine would be very similar to the same year IT model, at least as far as this question goes.

Jeff Gilbert

N. Texas SP
Oct 20, 2000
I would guess that it would be the best way to store for a long time. I doubt it would hurt the clutch since it's bathed in oil anyway.
On a side note, I have an aquaintence that has gone off to the "big house" for a little over 5 years and he was planning on storing his in oil. Guess he'll find out how good it worked when he comes home.


May 20, 2003
it will be okay

The clutch plates would be one concern but also realize that a 5 year old bike has had its clutch plates submerged in oil for 5 years.  Rubber seals would be the other.  I don't think the oil would cause a problem. 

I stored my XT200 engine in a bucket of rainwater for at least 10-12 had issues!
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