Exercise Equip. (wifes) = dust collectors

scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
Anybody else have a wife, husband, or relation that can't stop buying all those worthless excercise deals.

We've had the healthrider, ab flexor, life cycle, a natulis (spelling)wieght set, incline bench, plus about 10 more. all cluttering dust in the garage or one of her sisters garages not to mention all the gym memberships and trainer programs etc.

I've got my wife down to giivng up on it before its even finished being assembled. Now if I can get her not to buy it in the first place.

I always get the story its for both of us. My arguement is thats why they made the CR500:p And if I may borrow a line about getting in shape from Ol89er "Round is a shape";)


Tony 'da Rat
Oct 16, 2000
Well, lets see.......I moved a variety of these types of apparatus from our room to the spare room, from the spare room to the backyard, from the backyard to the to the garage and finally from the garage to the attic.

Gee whizz.......I got more exercise from moving that stuff than she got from actually using it.

Such is life.


Jan 6, 2001
There's no doubt that sticking with exercise is not easy. I would think that if you are married (I'm not) you would want to do this together. I buy exercise equipment and use it off and on. I can't say that I've ever regretted buying any ex. equip. I wish I could say the same for cars I bought for projects.


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Nov 25, 1999
Got my supply.

"It's too hot", "I'm tired", "maybe tomorow", "I don't feel good", "I'm sore". These statements always follow three to four days after a purchase. There is a local store called "Play it again Sports", they have more used(new) fitness equipment that is covered with dust than you can believe.
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Apr 9, 2001
I have a towel rack...umm....I mean a treadmill in my living room its been there for the past three months. My wife and daughters begged me to get it and it has been sitting idle since about a week after we got it. The funny thing is they tried to tell me they use it. I unplugged it about a month ago and it still hasnt been plugged back in. I went through this a couple years ago with an exercise bike also.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
LOL...scar, your post sure made me smile!
I'm glad I'm not the lone stranger now.:)

Let's see....:think ...tread mills, thigh things, butt bangers, miniature trampolines, and some ungodly gadget that I have no clue about.

(shakin' head)


Sep 13, 2000
My wife pulled the same thing with a treadmill. She used it for 2 weeks and then didn't touch it for 6 months. I finally started using the thing just so my money didn't go to waste. Oh well ... I get my money's worth everytime I say, "I told you so".


Jun 15, 2001
I here you, I split every thing my girlfriend wanted to do down the middle or better. Bikes, roller blades, weight bench, gym membership. Finally I told her that was it. If she was serious about exercising, she was on her own. I helped her pick out a tread mill but told her I was not spending a penny on it. So she put the 5 bills on her credit card. It seems to have worked, she has more or less stuck with it and become a regular runner. But now that she is not so self consious she want to run outside :) . Anyway it folds up nice so its not in the way, and she asked me to hook the thing to the internet to download some programs and she really said she enjoys them alot. I think the key is deciding what equipment you are really going to like and use, and then geting motivated to stick to it.
Me, I would rather spend all my $ on equipment I know I will use like moutain bikes, road bikes, and dirt bikes :) .
Oh, by the way, I just bought a pair of Kayacks :) .


Oct 21, 2000
Beat this!

My wife purchased a 3 year membership at a gym - AND NEVER WENT BACK ONCE! Yeah, I like to bring stuff like that up when she complains about all the packages that UPS brings. I use my stuff!


Mar 15, 2001
Well, someone has got to be the oddball on here...

My wife bought a treadmill about 3 years ago. It was expensive. "you won't stick with it" I said. "It will just collect dust" I said.

Between then and now, barely a week has gone by that she HASN'T used it, and now she is getting frustrated with it because according to the manual, it will overheat if you run fast for over 60 minutes continuous, and she can run longer than that. I told here I'd buy her a new one if it really overheats and toasts the motor.

Myself, I tried to run on it ONCE and got a side ache after five minutes.


Big Pig
Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
My wife has a excersize bike, a rowing machine, and some weird gizmo that i dont know the name of (sort of a combination of the last 2).

Used twice. :think

She also has a bicycle (rusty) and a gym membership that she actually uses once or twice a week. (but only for an hour, and i bet she b.s.'s with the other women for most of that hour. :confused: )
I've been trying to talk her into a dirt bike, but she HATES motorcycles in general.........:(
Guess sitting there watching t.v. is more exciting. :eek:


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Jul 3, 1999
My wife had the collection of equipment too, it was passed to her mom and then to sisters and relatives. I just wish the they would buy something and pass it our way for a change. On the bright side the only excercise equipment that she kept and uses is the XR 100 !!!! :cool:


sfc crash

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Jun 26, 2001
ha! i've got the problem licked. the wife hates, and will never work out. millions of mail order seed packetts, now that's another story.


May 30, 2001
<hangs head in shame>

I'm the guy bringing home all the cool exercise stuff and being sucked into buying the George Foreman grill on late night TV...

Ya gotta admit, use it or not, it's cool to have a bowflex, nordictrack, and proper weight bench. PLUS, watching Suzane Somers hauking any kind of BUTT enhancing machine sends me reaching for the credit card... ;)

God help us if Martha Stewart should don a leatard and sell us an ab rocker...:scream:

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