Sep 14, 2009
Here we go . . .

96 KDX 200 top end job . . .

After removing the three bolts that secure the shaft advancer cover to the cylinder, I removed the (LH) shaft lever nut. Before loosening the nut I secured the exhaust valve actuator shaft so that it did NOT turn.

The dot on the shaft lever, aligns with the gear spline that has white paint on it, mine did not have any paint and I could not find the mark on the side of the gear, right in the middle, where the white paint once was. There is a line on the main shaft that seems to line up properly with the shaft lever, I guess I will find out later when I time the KIPS.

I removed the three bolts that secure the KIPS cover in place and removed the valve cover and one the two holder bolts that secure the main valve fell into my hand and the washer was sort of stuck under the main valve lever. The lever showed no damage and operated fine. WOW!

I wonder if the holder can be secured with one bolt since the other is stripped in the head!

The advancer shaft had some play but I could feel the spring working on the advancer (behind/inside the clutch cover).

I took off the cover to find the lever pin was worn, like a dremel had ground off its tip and side where it fits into groove on the exhaust advancer. The advancer was broken, a chip was missing from the plate that the pin rides against in front of one of bearing races. I found it (the chip) resting peacefully on the bottom of the engine cover.

I will order the replacement parts.

I say to all, check the bolts that secure the main valve. Mine had one that came off and ALMOST cost lots of $$.

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