Aug 23, 2003
I just bought a 1991 kdx200. What i didn't realize when I bought the bike was that the pipe had been "tweaked"during a wreck and now does not go straight into the exhaust manifold like it should. So now it has a huge exhaust leak. This is no problem as i've decided to buy an aftermarket pipe. Every mount that is supposed to hold the pipe to the frame is broken(the rubber pulled off the metal). I can't seem to find the mounts anywhere online and would just like to know where I can find them and how much they will cost to replace(all of them). I refuse to do business with the local motorcycle dealer because he is dishonest and treats his customers like crap.
Sorry for the longs post. Thanks for taking the time to read it.



Sep 3, 2003
My 1989 KDX200 has motor mounts broken off on two the the mounts but the mount on the side above the rear brake resivor has not been broken off so i put the pipe on that and i put the springs on and i tightened down the silener gasket on teh pipe and the pipe is secure as ever. As for finding pipe will prolly have to order them from your dealer but the slightest amount of crap orderthem online at


Nov 26, 2001
I to had the same problem on my 93 200. I found out the only place that you can get the pieces is a Kawasaki dealer. The only problem is that they are between $14 and $16 dollars each. Plus shipping. So what you do is cut all the rubber off the flat piece that bolts to the frame. Then drill about a 1/4" hole through it. Next get some small bolts and nuts maybe 3/16 or so then get rubber washers to fit the bolt. What you need to do is cut the outside of the rubber washer to fit in the hole. Then cut a rubber block about 3/4" square. Poke a hole in the rubber block and stick the bolt through it. then simply bolt it on the pipe like it is supposed to go. If you want put a rubber washer between the pipe flange and the nut. The reason for the rubber washer there and in the hole in the plate is to completly isolate the pipe from the frame so no viberation gets through. sorry to make it sound so complacated but its not hard. Hope this helps!

randy nelson

May 10, 2003
on my 89 i had the exhaust mount under the tank broken , I mean the frame piece where this rubber bracket mounts too. i called jeff freddette and asked if he could cut off this bracket from one of his junked bikes[i have welding equipment] he told me that this mid mt was not necessary and that on all his bikes he cut that bracket and exh. mount off both the frame and the exhaust pipe. this way he could take off the exhaust pipe without taking off fuel tank, radiator shrouds ect. to take the pipe off. so i did!!


Aug 15, 2002
On my bike a previous owner has replaced the mounts with short lengths of heater hose replacing the rubber bit of the mount. It is bolted from the inside of the hose, each way (2 bolts) to the pipe and to the mount plate. Seems to be solid enough. The mount plate bolts to the frame as per standard.

Not sure if that is a good enough description.

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