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Nov 3, 2000
After my first race in June, I decided I wanted to do a Series. The first round of the Pro Circuit Series is this Saturday, Sept 1st. After a hard decision of choosing between the womens open class and 125 beginner, I am choosing to race 125 beginner only. (AMA won't let me race a beginner class AND an "open" class) Anyhow, I have only been through a real first turn once. According to last years turnout, there will be anywhere from 15-35 riders in my class at each round. I have only dealt with a first turn of 9 riders. Any advice on how to not be afraid of being around so many bikes in the first turn or any advice on choosing positions on the gate. Also any advice on doing a series of races? I plan to attend all 5 rounds. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 3, 1999
Focus, go over and over it in your head. You WILL get butterflys.. it's OK. When you sit on the line ONLY think of and see the line YOU will be taking. BTW also see your self there first! Ok it may not happen but you are racing! If it does not happen... so what, ride arround at a fun-fast pace and get your money's worth! It's only fun, it's only as scarry as you let it be. :)



Jan 5, 2001
125 beginner= 1st turn pit stop
On nearly every first turn in 125 c class or beginner, people follow each other way to closely or dont hit there brakes early enough. The best line, not always a holeshot but you always make it through, is lining up on one of the outside gates. Practice your starts at least 20 minutes a week, repetitious, but important. Now you want to stay 2 bike lengths outside to the pack, find the widest gap thru turn 1 and try to stay on the gas. Guaranteed, you will be at least 15/40 if your holeshot technique is decent.
Good luck!


May 20, 2001
FMX_novice is right in that most beginners and even a bit more advanced rider's tend to flock the inside in the first turn. The one place where you don't want to line up if you're not absolutely sure you will holeshot is inside.

I'm not a great rider or starter, but I pick up a lot of places in first turns by starting from about the middle of the gate as fast as I can, then just keeping my line going "straight", not into the inside, and then just blasting past on the outside when the whole bunch is totally stopped on the inside line. I've always found plenty of room in first turns.
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Mar 25, 2001
I raced for the first time a month ago in the 125 Begginer class and their were 20 riders in my class. I got signed in early so I got to pick my gate spot 5th so i had a pretty good choice. The first race I chose an inside gate/line and I just blew it out of the gate and got pinched off and ended up about 15 out of the first turn.

The second moto I chose to move outside quite a ways and I just pinned it as long as I could and sung around the turn from the outside and blew by a bunch of people when they kind of bottle necked in the first turn and ended up in 7th. This was a much better tactic to use until my starts get better.

Another thing was that usually the top 10 guys in the 125 class a less likely to be riding out of control and it is much safer. The gap between me and 8th place was so far back that I laid it down in a turn and it took about 10 kicks to get the bike started and I still stayed in 7th.

I would stick to the outside until you get more comfortable.:cool:


Nov 10, 2000
blackhawk468, I practiced quite a bit this year and my results drastically improved in the 125C class. A major factor was practicing starts. I spent $15 bucks on the Gary Semics riding techniques book. It is the best $15 I've spent so far! I followed his directions for starting techniques and it has helped incredibly. Practice, practice, practice, and you will acquire the skills and confidence you need to pick that inside gate and nail the first corner. I pick the inside for the 125C class, but I am smart enough to pick the middle-outside for the Sportsman class because I know the B riders are going to beat me to the corner most of the time. I just go around!

KC_BigDog_51, I noticed the exact same thing about the top 10 riders in the 125C class. I am new to the sport. This is my third year. Last year I finally started breaking into the top ten in the series. I noticed everybody tended to hold their lines and the racing was cleaner. Now that I have even more experience, this year I have been getting consistent top 5's and podiums. It is even more evident now! It is also much funner and safer dicing with the same fast 5 or 6 guys week after week. I can't wait for B class in a season or two...hopefully not 3.
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