Florida Riders - Going to Crooms this weekend?

One Dollar

Mar 15, 2001
Well forecast is RAIN! yahoo! no dust. Any Florida riders heading out there? I'm going Friday morning and will be camping until Sunday afternoon.

If you go check the campgrounds look for a White with green trim high-top van and red trailer. Stop and give a DRN hello. Wife and kid will be along also.

2000 KLX300
2000 Polaris TrailBlazer (wifes)
2000 E-ton Rascal (juniors)


Mar 7, 2001
NOOO!!!! Don't have a bike yet, the promised big pay raise turned into a token pay raise.
So it looks as if I won't get a bike until fall now. I'm so bummed.
I'm am picking up my son a used bike this weekend, the old XL75 he was riding bit the dust for the final time last week, it no longer worth what it costs to fix it.

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