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Sep 26, 1999
While answering a post about Colorado in the "Where to ride" forum I realized that at this exact moment last year I was riding with the whole family at the Colorado SpodeFest Ride The Divide 1999.

For anyone who is unsure about whether or not to attend the DRN MWSF, the ones I have attended have honetly been some of the most memorable and cherished times of my life.

A family of spodes in the mountains of CO:

...and 5 Spodeboys from SC, OH, and TX who would have otherwise never met:
Dec 23, 1999
Ok where's the real gomer? All these stories I've heard. That must be an imposter. Nice looking family.

Dennis                                            Col Oh
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High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
Some days. Some days I'm married to...

One day in the middle of a sermon, the devil came up through the floor and tossed the preacher from the pulpit. Everyone ran screaming from the church except for one old man in the second pew.

"Why didn't you run? Everyone else did."

"I ain't scared of you."

"You have to be! I am the Devil!"

"You don't scare me."

"Why not?"

"I've been married to your sister for 25 years."

(Now, you guys don't tell her about this, OK?)
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