Fork brace for large diameter conventionals?


Mar 1, 2000
In a recent thread on conventional vs. inverted forks, the topic of braced conventionals was mentioned in passing. Good things were said about this basic setup, and this got me wondering whether it would be a worthwhile mod for me. I found a company that makes a brace for my bike ('96 RM250), but I'm unclear if a brace will provide a noticeable improvement for my application. BTW, I mainly ride trails and low-key MX.

From what I've read, the main purpose for a fork brace is to stiffen the forks. Apparently, this makes a huge difference on bikes with relatively flexy forks, like the XR250s 41mm forks. I'm curious if a fork brace would make a noticeable difference on more rigid, large diameter conventionals, like my RMs 49mm forks? Is increased rigidity always a good thing?

If rigidity is not the issue with large diameter conventionals, will the brace still have a noticeable effect on suspension/handling? For instance, I've also read that fork braces may help reduce headshake and give more precise steering, but this isn't played up nearly as much as rigidity.

Any other pros or cons of braces?

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