Mar 29, 2001
Hello guy's !!

I changed the spring last week and the front fork are better
but with a 5-6' jump, it bottom but not hard !!:scream:

I would like to raise the oil fork level so It won't bottom !!

If I want to raise 10mm, how much oil should I but ?

10 milliliter = 10 milimeter ??????????
10 mm = 10oz ??????

Thanks in advance
KDX220R 2001


Oct 14, 1999
If I understand your question correctly, you don't add a particular amount of oil to raise the level to a particular spot (unless you've noted previously how much came out to effect a particular level change).

Say you're at 100mm now. Fashion your leveling device (like a piece of hose attached to a large syringe..available from a grange/co-op farm type place) to reach 90mm into the fork tube.

Add enough oil to be ABOVE that mark. Use your tool to extract the excess to a 90mm level.

There isn't any relation to ml and mm and oz. For only one specific diameter (volume) will 10ml = 10mm.
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