Ivan Liechty

Aug 18, 1999
Are they worth it? What is the cost?

On my '93 WR I had a problem with the screws wanting to get stripped out. I'd prefer to have a schraeder valve on my YZF forks to release the air when on the stand.

Ivan Liechty
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Jeremy Wilkey

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Jan 28, 2000
This is going to get me in trouble but.. Quick bleeds are like pocket protectors.. They work awesome but are just not cool anymore.. Hey my good bud Scott (Who is alos one of the best CNC programers I've ever meet) uses one.. I would not laugh at him, but you won't chatch me with one.. :)

Then again I skate board around my shop when I'm on long phone calls..



May 1, 2002
I realize it has been a year since this topic was last discussed but I just recently became interested in fork quick bleeds. I have a 1999 KTM 380 MX and get air build up in the forks that can cause fork oil seepage unless I release the air after every ride. Can you tell me who makes or sells them.
Thsnks, Chris


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Apr 29, 2002
Motion Pro sells a do-it-yourself kit. It requires drilling and tapping your caps.

White Bros. sells the bleeders seperate , I put them in a `98 KTM I had with the 50mm WPs. They will go but not a lot of extra room like inverts.

I think Dennis Kirk has bleeders that fit the holes already in your caps.

I have a picture here somewhere of the ones I put in my KX , inverts have plenty of room for bleeders.

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