Nov 9, 2000
I have a 99kdx200.I weigh 180 and ride 90% trails,10% motorcross ,C class in both. I would like to go wth some heavier fork springs.But I do not know how much heavier springs I should go with.I have recently changed fork oil to Mobil1 atf at 100mm from top.That helped forks some,but they seem to need some more help.I was wandering if someone could help out? What springs should I go with? How much do they cost?

Any help would be appreciated!Thanks!


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May 22, 2000
you might want to contact Fredette he will probably recommend a 21# spring with that oil level and stock preload (038). Race tech and others will recommend a 041 spring and 10mm preload and 135mm oil height and light oil. I run a 038 with 1/4" less preload than stock and synthetic 3-1/2 weight oil at 100mm from the top. 100%woods and trail riding 185lbs.


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Mar 28, 2001
.38kgmm, (.40kgmm if you prefer it firm), 5wt fork oil @ 110mm (100mm if you prefer it firm), stock spacer. Springs are @ $70-80. Now the last guy said to call Fredette and thats not spamming, But I can't tell you to call me or thats spamming?! Funny world aint it.

PS. put the atf back in the mini van!
Sage Wilkinson, KDX Link 1

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Jan 14, 2001
I weigh in around 190 and I used the .42 Race Tech springs, Mobil 1 ATF(don't have a mini van) and 100mm oil level. It made a world of difference and I can actually get some air without bottoming out. Feels great in the woods too even though I thought I might be going too stiff. Used the stock spacer also.

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Sep 14, 2000
Originally posted by Sage:
.. Now the last guy said to call Fredette and thats not spamming, But I can't tell you to call me or thats spamming?! Funny world aint it.

Your not getting the grasp of this are you? Fredette is a reliable source. Give it time. Over a period of time people get to know you, they're going to say things like check with Sage he should have that or Sage helped me with this or that. The difference is you're self promoting, Jeff is Not. You keep complaining about spamming people are not going to take you seriously. Your advice is good but you keep ending it with this complaint.

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Jan 6, 2001
In DRN, we recommend others to contact people that we feel will give the best info possible.

We DO NOT have those people on here telling us to contact them.

This is a member site, for members and the info is by members. Recommendations are included.

If you want to get your site over on the left hand side, PAY FOR IT!!

By the way, Jeff has been in 20 ISDE's with KDX's. When you can say that, you'll probably get a little free advertising.

Get it now??


Oct 14, 1999
***WARNING**WARNING** 'Free' advertising to follow!

Jeremy set my forks up with .42s (I'm close to 180#). While that would have been great for someone who rode class A pro stuff all the time (sez me), it was a bit stiff for fun&comfort..so he swapped them out for a set of .40s.

They are perfect.

My suspension is one of those 'can't believe I did without it' things. Front/back with valves and all cost a bit more (ha!) than sticking in a set of springs all by themselfs, but what a difference!! The .40s are great..and jeremy was great to do business with!

..sez me

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