drz mick

Jun 2, 2001
A local Off Road paper rode the GasGas125 at a local track. They were impressed by its performance. It has top spec suspension and the engine is GG's own design taking the best from the CR125 and the other leading designs but with low end torque being a priority.
The only slight problem I have encountered with GG is weight. They cannot usually get near the weight of a comparable KTM model but I don't have a figure for the GG125 so they may have got it right. They ARE more finicky than a KTM as well. You'll have more niggling problems with the GG but they are getting better.


Oct 26, 1999
GasGas 125

DRZMICK.. I Quote you "More finicky than a KTM" and "Niggling problems with the GasGas"..

What the heck does that mean? My Gas Gas ec 200 will turn circles around a KTM 200 and I will actually feel my grips after a long ride because it does't vibrate at all compared to a KTM.
It has been absolutely reliable (My friend just did a top end on his 99ec200 and the rings were just barely worn after twoo full seasons of enduro racing in the A class).
GasGas machines are the real deal, I suggest you ride one before you bad mouth them....

drz mick

Jun 2, 2001
Gas Gas have done really well to come into the market after having no Enduro background. They are not as well established as KTM and as you would expect they have had one or two problems which KTM no doubt had in the early days.
A mag in the UK ran a piece on a GG200 owner who had horrific problems that were unacceptable. His tank leaked his first 9 litres of fuel straight onto the floor because "the monkey at the factory glued his fingers together instead of the two halves of the petrol tank!"
He was blighted by a screaming noise from his gearbox because the 1st gear cog is attached to the same shaft as top gear and factory tolerances are too tight. This is a common problem experienced by others. Some suffer, some don't !
His air box was broken twice because the bike fell over and knocked the rear mud guard. I admit to falling off my bike at least once a week challenging myself to push further. I couldn't afford to replace my air box every week could you ?
His list of problems went on and on including the fact that when left on its side stand idling, the GG walks ten feet across his garage.
I'm sure GG improve every week and your bike sounds like a peach BUT I personaly wouldn't put my money on a GG just yet.
Gas Gas are regarded as a softer option in the UK and do well in local Enduro's but for all out riding and winning in Enduro's the KTM 200 is King. Ady Smith is doing the same in the UK as Shane Watts is doing in the States: winning on a KTM200 against bikes that on paper should beat them hands down.
Here in Europe, the Spanish are regarded as laid back and are not renowned for their engineering skills. The Germans and Austrians are regarded as cutting edge and engineering experts.
Its not bad mouthing.Those are just the facts.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Gas Gas has no enduro background? Drz Mick, Paul Edmondson was world 125cc enduro champ on a Gas Gas in 1995 and World 250 champ in '96. Not sure, but I think he overalled the ISDE that year as well. Their US results continue to improve with every year.

GG doesn't have the production numbers or results of KTM, but the Spanish bike is a viable alternative for those riders with an open mind and a thick wallet.


Jun 6, 2000

No Enduro Background? I don't know where you get your info from, but the fact is Paul Edmonson worked with GG to develop the first EC250.


Dec 6, 1999
No Enduro background?

GasGas is as common as Kawasaki down here in the Southern US. Guys have been winning races and championships for years on them. They are a proven machine that is as durable and reliable as anything on the market. Sure, the kickstand is designed to spring up on it's own; a simple fix is to remove it. BTW, the Husky has the same kickstand problem.

drz mick

Jun 2, 2001
Its all relative.
GasGas may have 5 years Enduro experience with chassis' but the engines weren't their own. Until recently they used TM engines from Italy.
KTM have been doing their thing for 25 years!!!

Gas Gas are the best.

But......KTM are better!

Josh Cook

Oct 6, 2000
This post is about info on the GG 125, NOT KTM VS. GAS GAS!!!:(

ANY real information about the 125 would be greatly appreciated..

I have heard many good things myself so far.:confused:


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Mar 7, 2000
Originally posted by kalitude

I have a funny story for you Mick. I was in Germany with a guy from Arkansas, good ole USA. We were in one of the major cities, outside an electronics store. The guy turns and says to me, "Wow, I am suprised how technologically advanced Germany is". DOH! :eek:

I'm afraid I don't get the joke.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Well I'll be Blaupunkt!

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