Mar 7, 2001
Anybody know anything concrete about the new 400 4-stroke? Jani Laaksonen got second place in the 1st round (round 1/ 2) of the world enduro series (in Portugal) in the 400 4-stroke class and is sitting in second place in the series (following round 3/ 4 in Spain). The fact that GasGas is now entering the bike in the world enduro series (not just the Spanish Enduro Series) under a high profile racer like Jani indicates that the bike is durable enough for 2-day competition and must be ready for production. I can’t wait to ride one (own one?). The bike looks like with the Ohlins forks option it will have it all (just add your favorite handguards and bib mousse tubes, and go riding racing – anywhere!). Anybody in Europe (or US) seen the bike, know of a web page showing photos, or know anything about the motor?

Josh Cook

Oct 6, 2000
I hope it is soon. I've been wanting to return to 4-stroke bikes and have bee waiting on either the 250 or the 400.
I wonder if GG will up the 400 to somthing bigger like the Japs have...
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