Feb 21, 2001
i'm starting to fantasize about a serious enduro bike to complement the klx300 that i've been learning to ride on. ktm and gasgas are the leading candidates at this point. it seems most folks are really happy with the handling and power on these bikes, but can anyone comment on the reliability and crash-survivability of both, or either??

i also like to do all-day backwoods adventures, so what kind of fuel-range should i expect on a 200-300cc 2 stroke from one of these mfrs?

-sparkymarky, from norcal


Sep 1, 2000
I might be able to help some since I have owned both a GG and a KTM. To start you can't really go wrong with either bike but for myself I have found the GG to be a better bike and more fun. (Remember I am a girl)

The 2001 Gas Gas now has a bigger tank than the it did in 2000 by about .4 gallons. Visually you can't see a difference but they just pushed the tank into as many more places as they could. I currently own a GG 2001 250 XC and a GG 2000 200 EC. Both are great but I just LOVE the 250!!! Can't stop smiling
. I get about the same gas range as the KTM when my jetting is right even though everyone thinks my tank is smaller. I definitely like the suspension on the GG better by FAR!! One interesting fact that both my husband and I have found about the GG is that it is easier to ride standing up that the KTM. The KTM seemed to want to dive in and slide out in turns if you were standing where as the GG just holds a perfect line and you don't feel as if you are going to crash. You might wonder why I stand up in a turn but if you want any of the top riders like Lafferty, Hawkins, Davis, you will see that they too do more riding standing up that sitting down. Once I learned this technique I was a lot faster.

Reliability would have to be about the same. I smashed my radiator on my GG at the Nation Enduro in Phoenix on the A loop when the bike tipped over and landed on a rock that was sticking out just right and it cost me $ 178.00 to replace. 2 Weeks later a friend smashed his radiator on his KTM and it cost $240.00 and was not in stock at the time. I ride hard and at least 4 times a week plus race the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit and I have had no other problems with either bike. Things will happen and that is just the way it is. If you were in Colorado you could ride mine.

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Jun 6, 2000
I've owned both. Both are very reliable, but when you do need parts, the GG is cheaper to maintain.

Both will smash pipes and radiators when they hit rocks like any other bike, but the quality of stock components is way above that of the Jap bikes. Protection hardware is available for both.

Comparing the 250s and 300s, the GGs get MUCH better range out of a tank. I can't speak for the 200s. My 250 will go 50-55 miles at a fast trail pace.

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Jun 23, 2000
having owned both (mx) can say KTM has the edge on oem components. chain,graphics,seat cover overall fit and finish and attention to detail better on the Katoom , GG way better than spanish bikes i grew up on, BUT....the GG will turn circles around my KTM, also the KTM doesn't rust like my GG did,you cant go wrong with either bike .

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angry jim

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Aug 4, 2000
Girlrider is an A level rider, she knows what she's talking about.
I have a few friends with GG 300's. They are nice. At about 6' tall, I felt a little cramped on the GG. The 200ec I've ridden will not be outurned by any bike out there. I feel my KTM exc200 is more stable in the open fast sections and also seemed a bit more powerful. If you're shorter, the GG is probably better. It's better for really tight stuff too. I've never had trouble getting parts for my KTM. Both brands are getting much more popular because they are way better than Japanese bikes for most trail riding.

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