Jul 9, 2020
Hi, im new here and new overall to the dirt bike World. Im looking to buy my first dirt bike in the next few weeks. And was wondering if you guys and girls could give suggestions or information on what the main diffrences are between the difrent bike brands. Ive riden a dirt bike many time in my life mainly when a was young and now for the past few months my friends let me ride theres when ever they go riding. I still have tons to learn when it comes to riding but my friend that has won many races and is quite expierienced rider says that im not bad and have potential. Im not trying to tut my Horn haha, Just giving a rough estimate of my skills for you guys. SO my question is what bike would you guys reccomend? i think 250 4 stroke. What are the main diffrences between brands. And what are you opinions about 2008 honda crf 250. Are they faulty, a good bike overall and are they exepnsive. Bikes from the year 2000-2011 is what im looking for beacuse they fit my price range the Best. Thank you and Best regards


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Jun 30, 1999
2008 CRF250 is a great bike. But like all used bikes if it isn't maintained you will have problems and 4-strokes are costly to rebuild and difficult if you do not have any mechanical experience. 2 strokes from 2000-2011 are all good if maintained. The earlier years KX125's are down on power vs the YZ's and CR's. Mostly any Yamaha or CR from 2000-2011 will be good but the Honda's have had more stiffness in the aluminum frames in the earlier years.

Figure out what you want to ride... MX or Woods. That will point you towards specific bikes mostly for suspension and power delivery. However, if you are very comfortable working on a bike then get the one you like best and rebuild it so you know it is reliable and setup for you.


Dec 31, 1969
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