Dec 22, 2005
My little guy is coming off of 1.5 years on a Powerwheels electric kawasaki (looks like a kdx50 with a training axle), and I'd like to move him to a real bike, the same speed (for starters).
- A fast walk to light jog for me to catch him (6-7MPH?)
- Some "engine braking" when he lets off the gas
- And enough torque so that I'm not pushing him up hills
with the throttle turned down

I'm thinking an XR50 left in first gear, with the throttle restricted some. I keep hearing of PW's and JR's needing help getting up hills with the throttle backed off. Not sure how much engine braking they'd have, either...

Sorry for the run-on about a nit of a topic, but I've had one bad experience already with a little quad for him. I just want to get my questions answered up-front this time.

Thanks for your patience and any feedback!


May 28, 2006
pw50 would be good i think, its got enough power to push me uphill and im 125lbs and you can put training wheels on it. they also run forever.
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