Going to the sand for first time...


Oct 30, 2006
orite people?

going to the sand (Pismo) for first time next weekend :laugh: with my roomate..hes got sand in his veins i swear and loves it.. I got a yz250 im takin with me, should be fun ..i've heard the desert is a lot of fun.

some questions I have before leaving..

1. Im woried about sand getting into my cylinder. Are there any tricks you guys do to your filter to help stop sand getting in there? i have a twin air e.g. maybe put some kind of plastic bag over it or something...maybe upgrade to k&N which i dont want to do..

2. suspension set ups??
3. paddle tire is on the way don't worry! :cool:

im prepping my bike this week to make sure it doesnt seize up out there..that would totally suck being stuck in the middle of the freakin sand ... im going to rip my carburetor apart, make sure its nice and clean..check all the needles are clean etc..

probably will take a look at the piston, scrub off any carbon deposits...if its real bad il do a top end...
really dont think its close to needing one tho..havnt had problems + compression still feels good

i will also change coolant in radiator to reduce risk of overheating.

cheers boyos



Apr 26, 2007
for the filter, i just run a filter skin and tape up the drainage whole on the bottom of the airbox because the tire will throw sand up there. bring extra filter oil/grease because you'll probably need to clean the filter every day. you will probably need to take off the roost flap on the swingarm to clear the paddle too. the sand has a lot of cushion so you can run stiffer suspension settings for jumping and whoops. you'll probably need a couple bottles of coolant also cause some bikes tend to boil it out pretty quickly. and have lots of fun!


Oct 30, 2006
thanks for the advice! yea I cant wait to go, hear what all this fuss is about the sand!
Any idea on how I can keep track of overheating so I catch it before it happens? i dont have a dial gage or anything like my car lol...
Maybe change it every day in the sand just to be safe?

oh and what is a filter skin???
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Sep 15, 2004
make sure you oil your air filter and check to make sure the air boot is tight dont want that popping off.Also have fun with your front tire washing out in sand.When in doubt wind it out.


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Nov 24, 2000
if you have old plastic and an old set of chain and sprockets, put them on. the sand is hard on that stuff.
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