Feb 3, 2007
My kids have Yamahas ttr50 and ttr90. They'd love some handgaurds for them. And to be honest. . its mainly for bragging rights. They really don't NEED them. When I started pricing them. . they seemed SOOOO much more expensive than I imagined. Are there any out there used or any new ones that are for the non-aggressive riders? thanks :)


totally rocktacular
Apr 22, 2007
there are ones on **** starting from as little as 15 UK pounds which at the time of writing is equivalent to 29 USD


Sep 25, 2005
My son started riding on a ttr125. His friend also had one with hand guards. So we had to get them. I was against it but my wife snuck him out to the speed shop to buy them. Oh and not the $30 ones either we had to get the $70 ones with the metal brace in them :yikes: Wouldn't you know 2 weeks later I'm trail riding with my son ( he's in front ) as he's crossing a small stream he slides on a wet rock two feet to the left and hits an oak tree. From my vantage point it looked like he hit the tree with his shoulder but the dang hand guard took it all. Wrong again :bang:

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