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Oct 23, 2000
Ooohh, Happy Birthday! 16 was fun. I went cruising around all afternoon (in February in a town of population 2500, this wasn't as cool as it sounds). Tell us, what did you get?


Aug 28, 2000
Aww! Thanks!!

Oh wow, I never expected this. Even *I* didn't remember my birthday (my mom had to remind me once I rolled out of bed!!). Well, thanks everyone, I did have a really happy birthday, even though I went to someone else's birthday party :eek: ! My family gave me money, and my mom gave me this necklace and earring set (she loves to give me jewelry). So, I will probably end up buying some stuff for my bike with that money. I'm having a party soon, so hopefully I'll get some more money :p !

Thanks, again!!

Jade Estrada
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