Apr 21, 2000
My friend has a 99 CR125. He just put in a new wiseco top end, and had it ported by Eric Gorr. We just finished putting it back together, and took it for a very short ride. When he stopped he noticed coolant leaking from the head, it appears to be leaking around one of the studs.

We did everything by the book, and cant figure out why its leaking. We removed the head to inspect the head and gasket, and can't see anything wrong. Could there be some unforseen problem?

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Not familiar with late CRs but presumably the head is doweled onto the barrel. Remove the head & gasket & reassemble without the gasket to ensure the dowels aren’t preventing the head which may have now been skimmed a bit descending fully on the barrel. Check the head for warp.

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