Headed to Southern Cali

Jan 23, 2003
Im looking for any advice yall can throw at me. Im schedualed to go to 29 Palms at the end of this week. Im going on another camping trip with my drunk Uncle Sam. I will be there for a month of field training. I was wondering if you desert riders had any advice for supplies to bring. I will be pretty limited as to the items I can bring, as I have to fit them all into my pack. I am going to need plenty of sun screen as I will be outside training for the entire month. Baby wipes to field shower with. Are there any bugs in the desert? i.e. pesky sand fleas? Obviously if I bring food, I would be limited to Beef Jerky, is there anything else I could bring that would stand up to the heat and not melt/mold? After acouple of days MRE's just dont cut it anymore. Any advice will be welcome. I will settle for acouple issues of Dirtrider Magazine, instead of the bike on this trip. I've heard that I will be able to make a few limited PX calls, but theres no telling what the PX will still have in stock. So Im trying to arrive prepared and not be disappointed. Any help would be appreciated.