Jul 30, 2000
I bought 2 beater KX 80's. Both are 1989. One is a former race bike and has non stock Kayaba forks. These forks are silver with pink Kayaba stickers which run vertically. They do not have schrader valves on top(just a brass screw) or oil drain holes at the bottom. There are no spacers at the top of the fork only a single washer/spring centering device and there is some type of valve assem. below the spring which fell out on one leg when I dumped the muddy oil out.

Second question. Which forks: stock 89 or the other set will perform better for play riding with my 140lb wife behind the bars?

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
The valve assembly below the spring sounds like it could be Race Tech cartridge fork emulator. This was a common mod to many mini-forks, as well as KDX200 forks if you think they have been swapped from a bigger bike.

You can look at the microfiche for the various kawasaki models at maybe you can find a match.
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