Jul 19, 2019
Hi there,

Purchased a project end of Oct. 2018...

I am rebuilding a 2002 YZ125 basically from scratch. The whole bike is torn apart at this point, parts set aside for cleaning and repair, engine cases split, and am now finally at the source of the problem....

The transmission bearings are shot and the crankshaft and piston needs to be replaced.

The Problem???

The crankshaft bolt is stuck! REALLY STUCK.

Here is what I have tried...

1. Air Impact Wrench
2. Pennies between Clutch Basket and Crankshaft Gear (many pennies have died in the process - totally crimped)
3. Heat torch
4. Torque Wrench
5. Counter clock-wise and Clock-wise (thought maybe it was reverse thread)

My last idea is to put this half of the engine case in the freezer and then take the heat torch to it.

Any ideas? This is literally the last step before this whole bike can be put back together with all it's new and restored parts.

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