Jan 27, 2006
about 8 months ago i bought a nice 1998 rm125. I road it a few times and decided to go through the top end just to be safe. i rebuilt it using wiseco piston and ring and wristpin/bearing and all new top end gaskets. I put about 20-25 hours on it since the rebuild and it always ran perfect. well, the summer was hotter than normal so i didnt ride it for about 3 months, it just sat in the garage. I went to get it out today and i had to kick on it for about 30 minutes before it finally started. when i was kicking it, it seemed a little tight and when i got it running it acted tight. well, it stalled out and i went to start it back and there wasnt much compression like there was and it wont start at all. Did a compression test on it and could only get 120 pounds from it. So i tore it down and the ring was stuck towards the exhaust port. So i got the ring out and inspected everything and all looks to be good. So, 2 questions:

1. why would it do this from just sitting 3 months? never had one do it before?

2. Since the o-ring headgaskets are only a few months old, can i re-use them?
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