May 24, 2000
I have a 1996 XR600R, it has a head and tail light stock, I am wondering if the stock electrical system will support a blinker setup, and a few other extras to make it legal? I know there are kits but im trying to save some $$. Thanks.


Aug 13, 2000
Yes the stock stator makes more than enough juice. However the problem is that at idle it may not be bright enough. If you use the tiny blinkers that are so popular for road bikes you might not have any problems with power drian. I know they are not really road legal but it is better than nothing.



Aug 22, 2000
I've done the econo-dual sporter before myself.

What we did was just hook up a brake light and install turn signals - but didnt' hook them up.

In most states, you are required to have turn signals, but they are not required to work unless you are driving after dark. You are required to use hand signals though.

We installed a horn which we purchased from Performance Bike - a bicycle supplier. It's nice and loud and compact. Uses a 9 volt battery.

Keep in mind that even if you do get the turn signals working, you're still not legal - the lights must be able to run for 15 minutes after the bike is shut off. No can do without a battery!

Since that conversion, I installed a Baja Designs kit on my XR250, and I'll never go the cheap route again. It is WORTH the peace of mind to know I'm legal and can really ride wherever I want. Plus, it was really a cinch to install.


May 1, 2000
I agree with DualSportr. The Baja kit is well designed and finished. When installed, it is nearly as good as a factory lighting system. I bought my kit without lights ($250), and fitted some lights I already had.
It seems like a lot of money, but consider it like this: You're paying someone to design, fabricate and install a kit for you so that you can spend that time riding. The finished kit is fully functional and dependable.
The other option is to wire a brake light, slap on some bogus turn signals, and pretend it's street legal, assuming you can get it registered (easier in some states than others). This may be perfectly adequate for your needs.
I also just had my stator rewound by Baja Designs, and put in a 55 watt bulb. This is a huge improvement. There is a detailed article on about how to wind your own, but I opted to subcontract the labor for the reasons above.

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