Apr 18, 2007
hey guys,

im a newbie to the 4 strokes not sure on service procedure..i have a manual on order but i want to ride on w.e...

ive cleaned air filter, changed spark plug so now its the oil change.
i have found the oil filter on bike is it as easy as just undoing and replacing with a new one? when i do oil change do i drain the oil out of frame or the sump first?

TIA any help would be great..


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Nov 25, 1999
I don't think it matters which you drain first. When you refill, you will need to check the level, then start and run the bike for a minute and shut off. Check and add as necessary in small amounts. The 426 is a brutal power house. If your interested, I have a Pro Moto Billet kick stand in the For Sale forum.
Best mod that you can do is put in the 03 YZ450F exhaust cam. Then add a DR. D. Hot Start. There are numerous threads in this forum on valve adjustments and other maintenance items. Some are model specific but much of the advice is solid for all four strokes. Use the search function and you will find tons of info. Enjoy your 426.
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