How to change fork seals on a KTM 85sx

Matt 193

Dec 22, 2006
I need to change the fork seals on my bike. I figured since the Euro bikes are diffrent with everything else then the fork seals would be diffrent. Any help would be great.
Thanks guys,
Matt 193

Red Ryder

Mar 14, 2007
I've done a pair of KTM 350 fork seals before. I just figured it out and it wasn't too difficult (I don't have a maual). I kind of just started taking it apart. :) Don't forget the anti-static grease that goes into the seals. One thing that did get me was that there were I think two c-rings that held the seals in so one is hard to see. That caused me to almost give up, not being able to remove the old seals, until I looked at it very closely.

Hope this helps!

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