Feb 25, 2000
Posted weight for the 400 is 108 Kg, which is very similar the the Husaberg (the current featherweight of 4 strokes). There's one thing though, and that is Euro bikes weigh their bikes in this planet, which means 108kg means you will have a 108kg bike when you buy one. Not like Jap bikes which I'm sure are weighed in the moon!!!!!!!

The 250 should weigh just the same as the 250, as I'm sure they share the cylinder and cases.
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Mar 7, 2001
I'm real pleased with my Husky 125, and was thinking about a 250, but I'm kinda put off by their distributership. The local Gas Gas/VOR dealer is a racer and member of the same club I am and he was trying to expand into Huskies but from what he has they don't seem interested. With only one dealer in the whole state, no where near here I would have thought they would have been very receptive. Instead it looks as if he will expand to KTM as their rep will be at his shop next week to discuss a dealer ship with him.


May 11, 2001
I'm real interested too

I sent an email to the US distributor and they say the 02 4T won't be in the country to at least January. I wouldn't be surprised if that gets pushed back. I don't think they are even producing them in Europe yet since Fred Hoess had to ride a "prototype 250 4T at the ISDE. The cool thing about the Husky is it comes with a kit to install the Kicker too. The manual has the instructions for installing it. I may get the 250 2T since I don't know if I'm willing to wait past January/February.
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