Sep 7, 2001
Does anyone here know any women who ride one, have ridden one?
I'm thinking about switching to a 4-stroke and they have them here where I work. I've been staring at the 250 for two months now and feel like it's already mine :o
I've loved my KTM dearly, but I'm ready for a smoother ride.
I've been riding a little 1/4 mile oval and fantasizing about being on a 4-stroke :silly:


May 20, 2000
A couple of weeks ago I got to oogle over one, start it and blip the throttle a few times. It had never been ridden and I wasn't going to be the first, since it still belongs to the dealer. Looks like a sweet bike. A buddy of mine bought a TE 450 and had it out that same day. It is jetted way too lean and was consequently very hard starting. They don't come stock with a kicker, so after the battery got ground down to nothing he had to get a jump off a pickup. Once it was going he really liked the power. He said it hits harder and is more of a handful to ride than his 400 EXC. I wonder if the same is true about the TE 250? Harder or easier to ride than a 250 EXC RFS or YZ 250F? Be sure to let us know if you finally go for a ride on one or throw down the cash and take one home.


"Am I lost again?"
Apr 28, 2002
There are a few running around at our local enduros. Fred Hoess just won an overall at the Pine Barons enduro last week on a box stock one. I think he will be riding one at the six days.


Jun 29, 1999
Te450 has a hit? Not the one I rode, very smooth power. Your pals bike sounds like it needs some time spent on jetting. Both the te450 and te250 make the yamaha wrf's feel like xr600's to me. Never ridden a ktm 4t so no comment there.
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