Mar 2, 2000
WEll maybe more upset at myself .After seven months of not riding due to an injury . I went riding for the second time , And as usual I was having fun and I blew it with a small dirt eating break and with all the good luck I've had this year I had to continue it . I snapped the end off the front brake line #$!^$%*&!!!!! .After contacting the new local KTM dealer to find out how much this will set me back I found myself saying more of those funny symbols again . I still have a hard time believing that the front brake cable cost 97.00$.I also contact the Dealer that I've always used and with shipping it will cost $ 70.00. Now I am sure there has to be a brake line that will work and is just as good for less money . Please someone tell me what it is.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
Ask someone in your are in the heavy equipment business...Fine a place that makes hydraulic lines and brake lines. Not NAPA! A specialty place. I had a similar situation with an old Mid eighties Kawasaki and after running around the block with local dealers went to my business contacts and had one made up real time for 30 bucks. And it was stainless steel braided line. If you were in the Denver area I could point you in the right direction. I gota believe there are similar places in your area. :)

If you have folks in your area who build race cars, they would know. I haven't used a stock brake line from a dealer in years.
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