May 5, 2002
I ride my bike most weekends practicing and competing in enduros. I also do about 3-4 hours a week cycling and the odd circuit training session thrown in between.
My training and riding is hampered by the fact that i seem to pick up colds and sore throats quite regular, i sometimes try and do some gentle exercise through it but going for a ride on the enduro or racing when you feel like that is out of the question.
I eat well and take in plenty of protien (fresh fish , chicken) vegies and loads of fruit, but i cant help thinking that my diet is lacking something and that is why my immune system is pretty weak.
Does anyone have advice for me on this subject? am i lacking some vitamins, or should i be taking a suppliment of some sort to help my body recover after training/riding?
any advice appreciated.


Jan 7, 2003
Are you training in conditions of a cold or rainy climemate? If so you should wear some good jogging sweats. Lots of people think that it doesn't matter what you wear when its cold when your training but you could easly get sick from not dressing warm.


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Feb 4, 2001
I used to have the same problems until I started taking 1000 mg of vitamin C, calcium and a Multi-Vitamin. Also I tend to keep a light jacket around at all times just in case it gets chilly.


Aug 13, 1999
A multi-vitamin would probably be a good idea but, I would get to a doctor for a good overall checkup. If you really feel that your immune system is weak there could be some underlying health problems causing it.

One possibility is allergies. They can mimic the symptoms of a cold but usually last longer. Does it seem that the symptoms come on at certain times of the year or when you are around a certain type of area, pollen prone, cats, dogs, anything at all that you may be sensitive to?

If it isn't allergies or some other health problem then one of the simplest ways to prevent catching a cold or the flu is to be very conscientious about washing your hands. Always wash your hands before you eat anything. Wash your hands after you handle anything that someone else may have touched - doorknobs, phones, money, keyboards, mice (computer kind), handlebars, weights, cardiomachines and of course after you go to the restroom. Also wipe down the community gym equipment with a disinfectant wipe before you use it, people may think you are anal but it beats being sick.

Anytime you work out, you lower your immune system somewhat, especially when lifting weights or when you up the intensity of your workout. I read somewhere (Men's Fitness or Muscle & Fitness) that studies have shown a decreased immune response for up to 48 hours after a good weightlifting workout was pretty normal. If you do a good workout, then climb on a piece of equipment that someone else with a cold had used, you are just asking to catch it.
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