Sep 23, 2000
Hi, I was thinking about if my child could ride a KX 100 in the Mini A. The reason why I want we want him to race a KX 100 is because he is quite tall, and is too big for a regular 80cc bike, also the bigwheel versions. He's also starting to get a little over the 80cc weight limit, 140 pounds, he is 140 right now. He feels very cramped on the 80cc bikes. He is only 14 years old, and he has two more years until he can race a 125cc or bigger cc bike. If anyone knows if my son could ride the KX 100 in the Mini A, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a reply. He really wants to continue racing, but we would like it more if he could have a bigger bike so he wouldn't be to cramped on the bike. He really loves riding hare scrambles, it is his favorite sport in the world, and he doesn't want to ride mx in the super mini class.
-Thank you very much.


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Nov 12, 1999
i don't know where you are from or what sanctioning body your running......but in ama there is no such thing as "mini A" but there is 80 Sr or 80 senior mini. That class is not available to big wheels. You can ride that motorcyle i believe in the 125 class with like 125 C or 125 B.

You should contact your District person or contact your sanctioning body for rule books for your area to clarify what is legal.
post back here if you need additional help



May 27, 2001
i race a kx 100

in the 86-open c class in harescrambles and you could if you wanted to in the little A class (86cc-200cc) but that might be a little tough for a 14 year old on a kx 100. i raced mine for 3 years in dist. 17 but i turned 15 3 months ago and pushing 160lbs. i decided on a bigger bike(KTM 200 MX/c)Good luck raceing.
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