Is there a step by step manual ?


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Apr 30, 2000
One of my other passions is antique tractors. For most models a few guys have done a series of videos on doing complete and parial rebuilds. These old cats cover all the ins/outs and gotchas.

I'd love something similar for my KDX. If the case needs split, I prefer to do it myself to know it's done at least parially right. I've spent a lot of time, effort and money on my other bike (88RM250) and believe that the work was just not done right at two different shops. But that's another story.

Canadian Dave, tear down your KDX, make a video and folks like me will buy it :)



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Oct 26, 1999
Contact Jeff Fredette. He's got a video on KDX's which sounds what you're after (I haven't seen it, so only going by what I've heard). From memory it's $50 and is 2-1/2 hours long.
Also check out Eric Gorr's website as he's got videos too (but not dedicated KDX ones).

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