Its ben a while, but im back and improoved!


May 13, 2001
Well, its been sometime since ive been to this related problems, and well, ive just been having a blast on my bike!!!

I recently installed the FREDETTE 21# springsin thefront forks with a few seals here and there that were leaking......WOW, THIS TOTALLY CHANGED HOW I COULD RIDE THIS THING!

Increased the spring rate in the rear and went with some more aggressive damping/compression/rebound settings. Still a shade stiff, but im still messing with the settings.

Installed the FREDETTE REAR MOTOX fender.....fits kinda tight, and is made of a "different" type of plastic than the OE Kawi. plastic matter, it looks killer!!!!!

Installed some FACTORY EFFEX GRAFX kit with the matching seat cover......WOW, ive got 250 KX with my front number plate on!!!! :)

Also put on some "909" hand grips, i think thats what they are.........these are GREAT! They have this "gel padding" on the palm-side of your pressure/riding area foryour hands........feels great!

Its amazing after working on import cars spending BOAT LOADS of money, you can go totally re-work your dirtbike and just have a BLAST for less MONEY!

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