Jan 29, 2002
"You need to provide us more information. Please read the rules and repost.

You will find the posts that tell us more about you, the type of rider you are and what your experience is get more responses.


what did you mean exactly? i've read the rules, what am i looking for? i couldn't PM you, so i figured i would do this and you can delete the topic after?


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Jun 30, 1999
You wrote:

does anyone have an 03/04 RM250? have you had any problems with it? how is the jetting on the 04? do they run well with pump gas? i race mx and hit ramps, how does it perform? list stengths/weaknesses for mx riding

First, the 04 is too new to have a lot of feedback on. Also, since you did not provide any info on your altitude, weather or normal riding conditions giving you info on jetting is hard to do. You mentioned MX but you did not give any specifics about you. Your height, weight and ability is important to determine if a 250mx bike will give you what you are looking for. The strengths and weaknesses of any bike is mostly related to the skill, size and personality of the rider.

For example, for me a CRF450 does well but a YZF450 does not. Simply b/c I am a fat, out of shape older rider who does not like the hit of the YZF b/c it wears me out... does that mean that the CRF450 has a definate advantage over the YZF? Yes. For me. But maybe not for someone else.

Usually, posts that go on for a long time without being answered do so b/c there is not enough information or the readers of the forum do not have any direct knowledge to share (the 03 RM may not have been ridden by anyone who participates in this forum so they cannot give you specific details of that bike).

By providing us with as much information about yourself as you can the readers of the forum who want to help can fill in some of the blanks from their experience even if they have not ridden that particular year bike or jetted that bike.

For example, I would never have asked if there were jetting problems with the 03 RM... I would have given my personal info (height, weight, skill level) and goals that I'm trying to get to with my riding and say that I'm looking at an 03. If after reading the replies and looking at them and possibly bumming a ride on one I still want to get one then I would. I would then go to www.eric-gorr.com and look at the jetting article there to help me learn how to jet that way I can set the bike I want up to be specific for me.

Does that help?



Jan 29, 2002
thanks, it's helps a lot.. the only thing is that the 03RM250 had jetting issues no matter what altitude/humidy/etc.. supposedly it's fixed for the 04RM250, i just wanted to know first hand.. ill make a new post now

Rich Rohrich

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Jul 27, 1999
Originally posted by Truespode

According to which magazine? ;)

You say that as if there was one that actually had a CLUE :confused:


Jan 29, 2002
aha.. a lot of my friends have 03RM250s, one's father owns the dealership where i would buy my 04RM250 from.. i've also talked to some people on the west coast who can't seem to get their bikes running right..

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