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Jan 24, 2002
Just got back from opening weekend at j5 mx track, north of Albuquerque NM. A brand new facility designed by Ryan Clark (of Team solitaire and Racer X fame ) It's a natural terrain track laid out aver some spectacular hills and arroyos, there are only 2 doubles on the entire track, but it is still a LOT of fun! There is a steep up and down hill section that reminds me of the old Carlsbad freeway (that dates me) and there are sections where you end up lofting because you hit the hillstops at speed, ( I actually hit 5th a couple of times a lap and I am old and slow!) and there is a huge tabletop ( Watching Ryan fly on this was awesome!) The crew worked the dirt and watered frequintly ( a rarity in NM) and is working to get better equipment to take even better care of it! Ryan and the rest of the crew were activly seeking opinions and seem committed to making this a great facility. I saw a lot of deseert guys who hate our other local MX tracks racing (fast!) and having a ball. If you live anywhere in Norther NM try this plade, I thik you will like it ( )

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