yam 3

May 19, 2000
I was wondering about my jetting this weekend. Here is the deal, if i'm coming into a corner downshifting with the clutch out the (motor has decent revs) and crack the throttle, the bike seems to hesitate a little. Kinda sounds like it is starving for fuel. Is this a lean cond.?


Mar 22, 2001
Actually I believe it is the opposite. When your off the throttle like that going into a corner and then crack the throttle and there is a hesitation, that is usally a too rich of a setting on your needle or pilot or both. The first thing I would try would be to put the clip on your needle one notch higher which lowers the needle. If that helps but still does it, then your headed in the right direction, try one more notch on the clip, but after that I would put the next size down on the pilot and that should do it. Really keep an eye on your plug though so you don't get too lean. Get a second opinion on this incase I'm Bass Ackwards:D .


Jan 17, 2001
Ya, I think that billywhats his name guy has got it right... I second his opinion.
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