Oct 10, 2000
I have a 00 kdx 220, I am 16 years old and have grown into it more and more. I just wish that it was a little lighter such as the 250's that have a dry weight of 213 lbs and the kdx has a dry weight of 223 lbs. I am planning on buying a rev pipe and silencer will this lighten it up any, and what else could I do? I just need to be able to whip it around a little easier.
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Dec 21, 2000
I've heard that the FMF silencer really cuts down a few pounds. You could take off the kickstand. Then you could take off the headlight and replace it with an MX type number plate. Take off the rear fender with the taillight and replace it with a MX type fender from Fredette. Some one else has also suggested only filling the gas tank 1/2 way. This will lose a few pounds higher up.
Of course I've done just the opposite. I added aluminum disc guards, front and rear. Aluminum waterpump guard and skid plate. I've got at least a half a bottle of puncture sealant in each tire. Then by the time I get on with full gear, fanny pack full of tools and full camalback:o the weight of the bike is no longer an issue. When you get 30 to 40 years old its usually cheaper and sometimes easier to just lose a few pounds of fat.
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May 13, 2001
I agree with using a PRO CIRCUIT/FMF exhaust setup. The STOCK PIPE is pretty darn HEFTY, but STONG!

I dont really see a KDX gettin less than 200lbs> dry weight. Ive "heard" of people drilling out EVERY SCREW in teh bike to gain some less weight, but i feel thats kinda useless...

You can always TOSS that AIR BOX LID! ;)

I use the PRO CIRCUIT PIPE w/ SPARK ARRESTOR, and some SOME REED/RADs help out......youll forget about the 13lbs after those mods.



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Oct 26, 1999
Get rid of the stock pipe & muffler. When you can, just take it off and see how much it weighs (especially if you have another one to compare it to). That's going to be the best weight loss, along with modification you can do. The stock's triple skinned, so yeah, it may be strong, but it's a pig of a thing - mine can go back on if I'm desperate or about to sell the bike.

That's probably the 10lbs difference between the bikes to start with ;) Once you've got your FMF pipe & muffler, then see if you need it to lose anymore weight.


Nov 18, 2000
The major parts have been covered, but there's also the steel kickstarter that could be swapped for aluminum. If you have money you don't need you can get titanium footpegs and titanium bolts.

What you should really do is as someone mentioned put less gas in it. Try one gallon less and see if you notice a difference. One gallon weighs 6 pounds. If you don't notice a difference save your money and keep it as is (except the pipe which is worthless except as a boat anchor).
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