Norm Garvin

Jul 9, 2001
I can get my hands on a 94 250 kdx carb 38mm cheep. Would this be to much for a 220 to handle. If not lets talk jetting. Has anyone tried this?


Oct 14, 1999
Get ahold of dan (acutemp on drn). He's running (or has recently) a 39mm on his modified 200. As I recall, the larger body PWK did indeed fit into his kdx without too much trouble. Maybe it was not trouble a'tall.

Carb modification to the small body PWK is avail thru R&B Designs that will (among other things) bore the carb to 36mm. That's a bigger step on the 220 than the 200, but good for both. Search for 'carb mod' on this forum for a gazillion (should be) threads on the subject.

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