May 23, 2000
Hi Jeremy,

I just bought a 1996 KDX250 (it's a street legal, non-USA version)...

Now I need some help. Since I'm in the Philippines and just bought this bike, I have no service manual for it. I need to know some info ASAP...

#1. How much oil and what viscosity should be in the forks?

#2. Trickier one... there is no oil in the shock... my cycle "fix it" friend thinks I can put some oil in the shock and pressurize it with air (after all its 80% nitrogen he says!) My question is how much oil and what viscosity should I put in the shock? How much air pressure should I use?

I realize this is NOT standard practice, but being in the Philippines, I have no other alternative right now! I need to try to make the shock limp along until I come back to the US. Then I can have it overhauled properly!

Thank you for any help you can give!


'99 KMX125R
'98 KMX125
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