Klintons at it again/Health insurance HIPPA


Sep 17, 2000
I just found out that they passed a bill or law that if you get hurt doing any outdoor recreation activity its written your insurance carrier will not insure you outside of work.Just when i thought i see the worst of it we get another insane law.I hope some 1 who has anything to do with this falls on there kids skateboard down a flight of stairs.I personally will not stop riding because of it.You can go to AMA or Blue ribbon coalition.basically what this is saying is if they want or deem they can deny you insurance access out of work for all recreation injuries. They already want 50 percent land closed hey if ya break ya back ya might have to give up that 300 grand house to the gasp politicians and greenies.At this rate in 10 years we arent gonna have any freedoms left



Dec 27, 1999
What on earth are you talking about? Could you try to be a bit more clear? Your post is barely comprehensible.

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Jan 28, 2000
Click on the AMA RAPID RESPONSE button on your lower left to read more about the health insurance issue. It will answer some of the questions anybody has.

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