May 20, 2003
I was wondering what you guys think of the 450Sx. I ride mostly motocross and supercross tracks and want to go the way of the four stroke--especially the orange one.

Have there been any reports on the 04 model yet? Does anyone have any experienc with the 03 and can give some details about what they like/dislike about it. In stock form how does it compare to the other 4stroke mxers as far as handling/reliablity/performance? How about suspension? What is the most common problem with these bikes? Thanks for any info.


Mar 7, 2003
I have only seen a little about the bike but it is supposed to have VERY smooth powerband, maybe even more then the new CRF450. I found the seat to be as hard as a rock myself but my local dealer has a new 04 priced at $5700.

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