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Apr 11, 2001
...in Cloudcroft, NM, this last weekend.

Amazingly I was able to get Friday off, so rather than putter around the house, decided to venture up to Cloudcroft one day earlier than planned for this semi-organized trail ride (more on that later.)

Once there, I drove east of town, looking for the ski area as it was to be Saturday’s signup – to no avail – apparently didn’t drive far enough and turned around, then off south of town to find a campsite. Frosty (Scott - 300xc-w) was kind enough to offer a campsite on his property, so after checking out the available public USFS sites, decided to pull in to his cabin and at least say hi and perhaps consider his RV slots.

As I pulled in, two of his buddies were in front working on their bikes, Rob (450 RFS) and Eric (250xc-w) for a possible trail ride. Frosty was up on his deck, observing on this fine and cool day; it had rained, making the soil just right.

He invited me to use his site for camp and to come along on a ride. We did trail 105 from his cabin to a turn off close to town. About 6 miles of excellent, tacky single track. Along the way we had to negotiate around downed trees in a creative fashion. On one we teamed up to lift the bikes over; fun stuff.

Back at the cabin it was lounge time, watching the BBQ coals come up to perfection although we never cooked that night as we kept adding wood, satellite radio, brew, chips and dip to the evening conversation; having a fine deck to hang out sure made for a fine time.

Later in the evening others stopped by to say hi to Frosty and friends around the BBQ - now campfire. Another KTMTalker, MikeCarpenter and son stopped by and took up a spot next to me. They setup camp by flashlight and came by Frosty’s cabin later. We called it quits around 11-ish.

Saturday morning Mike and son had already left, whilst the four of us went into town for bfast at a local café. Mike and son happened to be in a stall across from us – small town! After bfast we drove on down to the ski area to sign in but no one official was around so we headed back to the cabin to rejet Frosty’s bike and other things like an exhaust valve spring exchange. After he was satisfied we went again to the ski area and sign up was open; we got our stickers and dinner tickets. Mike and son were working on jetting, and after some fiddling got it right.

They had a 2/3-mile loop around the ski area; similar to the GP put on in the late summer. Many rode it although we passed and headed back.

Back at the cabin, the coals were lit for the BBQ, and they cooked up some steaks and chicken. I passed Frosty’s kind offer to partake, having my sandwich as plenty.

The Carpenters showed and we discussed doing a trail ride; the others weren’t up for it at the moment. The three of us did 30 miles of Trail 105 from the town to about as far as the mountain darkness started to fall on us. It was an outstanding ride though the pines and broad leafs. We made it back in time to change and head into town for the evening’s meal courtesy of KTM. But first Danman and his co-driver showed, and we helped them settle into the last RV campsite.

I got to see Tim, owner and mechanic of Badlands ATV and KTM dealer in Las Cruces and the Arizonians I rode with some few weeks back at Burro Mountain on the Continental Divide.

They had catered Mexican food, very tasty for us hungry boys and girls! During the meal they showed clips of the 2006 ISDE with the very riders present.

After the meal, they had a rider’s meeting. A show of hands revealed many B riders, some As and not a few Cs. The dual-sport crowd was similarly-sized to the A group.

It all went too fast and next we were on our way back to the cabin. This night I laid my head to rest ~10-ish, as did the Carpenters; Danman and friend stayed up with the rest at the cabin until midnight or so.

The next morning those with two strokes in the camp had taken their gas cans to the KTM van for transport to the lunch stop at Timberon.

The As and Bs met at Russian Canyon, while the Cs farther south (or is that further?), and the DSers in town.

They broke us Bs into two groups. We left at 9 am down a graded road and then into some fine single track. Just as tacky as the days before! Many rocks, roots, and trees to weave through, along with creek crossings and at one point a 50’ water fall. There were grassy meadows and valleys, logs to jump, vistas, etc. - very picturesque and moderately challenging. At one downed tree, I was #3 in line yet failed to make the pass; Terry (400exc) and Eric gave me a hand as I managed to fall under my bike. Thanks guys!

At the highway we were given the option to spin off to Timberon early; one of the Zonians did and the rest of us took a trail-ridge route, part of the enduro course.

Three of our group stopped at one of the gas stations to top off while the others sped on to the lunch stop. Our graceful leader insisted he pay for our fuel; nice guy.

As we pulled into lunch, I caught a glimpse of Tim the dealer working on a bike (no breaks from his real job?) and parked amongst a sea of orange bikes. By this time my ODO read 55 miles.

The KTM van was there, and they had a canopy setup with a BBQ going. They served hot dogs and burgers along with all the condiments and refreshments on this flat, grassy area. This afforded us time to chat and reflect on the morning’s ride.

After eats we made our way to our bikes only to be somewhat confused as most were orange! Our leader took a count and we left town, passing cattle ranches along the way. The first leg was up a rocky trail. We had to wait for the first of the Bs to get through. I don’t remember much of the rest although it was just as scenic as the prior. We did more two track and covered the same distance on this return leg. At one point we caught up to the first group of Bs as they had the same difficulty finding a secret-steep downhill-side trail. Once we found it the bottom of the canyon was reached in short order.

Many of the trees were suffering from some sickness; the pine-bark beetle made its mark and it’s a shame the USFS won’t let the timber companies purge out the weak and infected trees. It’s just a matter of time before the forest is rendered treeless. What a shame.

We were given the option of doing the last 5 miles, and I passed along with most except for the brave Zonians Tom and Eric. I stopped at the staging area to let their significant others know they were on their way. Joe_P was there, as he discovered a front brake failure at the lunch stop; sorry, guy.

I pulled into Frosty’s driveway and said my thank yous for him being a fine and kind host, and the others for the good time, then packed up and left for home.

Thanks to Frosty and company, KTM – Josh and others, especially the guides for such a fine weekend.

the Eel

Sep 23, 2000
The PlaceLast saga continues ! Great report - I'm jealous. New areas to ride in must be pretty exciting. Hope all is well.

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