Jan 30, 2000

News from: 11.05.2001

What about a GP Superclass?

KTM has recently made a proposal for the 2002 GP format to Dorna Off Road. The details read as:

3 classes with same capacities as per 2001: 125 - 250 - 500 class

Race 1 500cc World Championship / 35 minutes + 2 laps
Race 2 250cc World Championship / 35 minutes + 2 laps
Race 3 125cc World Championship / 35 minutes + 2 laps
Race 4 Superclass World Championship / 35 minutes + 2 laps

The main news is that the Austrians would like to see a Superclass World Championship with an indivual score and title.

Concerning the entries, KTM proposes to keep the classes as they are with 40 entries in the 250s and 500s to determine the 30 men getting behind the gate.
Plus 50 entries in the 125 class and 30 rides on Sunday.

The Superclass race would combine the Top 15 finishers from the 250 race, the Top 15 finishers from the 500 race and the Top 5 from the 125s. Plus the top two 500 riders and the top two 250 riders out of the current standings who did not finish Top 15 that day. And the top rider from the 125s who failed to finish Top 5.

KTM listed several argument for the Superclass system

For Dorna Off Road
All the main stars race together
One main TV race
One Superclass World Champion

For Manufacturers
All three classes remain at one event on a high level World Championship, leaving the market for three classes
No technical changes necessary
Top riders racing twice in one day

For Spectators
4 top races
2 opportunitties to see the stars
Great show 250 vs. 500

For Riders
2 races as almost all the top riders had requested
3 classes giving possibility for more factory rides and keeping the current number of professional riders
The World Championship would still be open to 130 riders

For Industry and Sponsors
2 exposures for the top stars
All three classes still at one event making them easier to support

For Organisers
No changes to current infrastructure
An attractive format

KTM ended the press release saying that the company would like to stick with three classes in 2003.

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