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Oct 23, 2000
All of you need to go find the newest Dirtrider. They did a short article on a tricked out KX 100 with pictures of Destry Abbot having fun on it. There was a big list of parts they put on it, the most notable being the new IMS 2.4 gallon oversize tank!

At my last race there were 12 women :) on the starting line (and a couple in the mens' classes, too) and at least half of them had KXs. These are great little bikes and if I hadn't been brainwashed into the "two strokes are bad" mindset, I would have bought one when I started.

Ms. Badlands

Aug 10, 2000
Outgrown my XR100!

I read your post and I am wondering how much bigger the KX100 is to an XR100. I have outgrown my XR100 and we are looking at some 2-stroke options. I am only 5'2" and ride mainly MX. How would anyone compare the two?

Mrs B


Apr 25, 2000
My wife and 12 yr old share a KX 100. They both love it. It's probably 2 inches taller, with MX suspension and much more power than the XR. For a two stroke, the power delivery is pretty rider friendly, not too explosive but a big improvement over the XR or a TTR. My wife is 5'6", so it's a little on the small side physically, but it gives her a lot of confidence since she can handle it easily. I have friends who love to jump on it and ride laps too, it's really a fun bike with great performance, IMO.


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Oct 23, 2000
I think the KX is a great bike for shorter riders. Dirtygirly went from an XR100 to a KX100 and is happy as a clam with her bike. The seat height is about 34” and they weigh less than 200 lbs, I think. Good power and lots of aftermarket stuff. I know gals who ride both mx and trails on them. They’d require a little customization to your tastes but so does any other bike.


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Apr 21, 2000
I've been 5'5" for years! And when I started riding in '98 - I started on a YZ 80. Then in fall of '98 it was time for my first new bike... my choice was between a KX 80 or 100 - and I went with the 80 because I thought the 100 would have to race with 125's (didn't know there was a open women's class).

Anyways - I rode the '99 KX 80 for a few months and loved the smooth power compared to the YZ 80. The KX had nice bottom end and really boosted my confidence - but was just too small! So in the beginning of '99 - I moved up to a 125.

The 125 fits me pretty good - but two small complaints... CORNERS and the height/weight of the bike. For years - people have been telling me that a KX 100 would be PERFECT for me. I finally rode my friend's last year and felt REALLY confident and fast on it. Corners that I would idle around on my 125 - I was able to hold the gas on around the whole way with the 100. And the power was actually pretty similar to my RM 125 - very smooth, had nice bottom end power, and kept pulling pretty good too. And the suspension was pretty nice too. Only problem - after being a 125 pilot for 2 years - it just felt so small. I felt hunched over, cramped in the leg/knee area, and just wasn't sure. But - man could I turn those corners aggressively!!

I think every time I dropped my bike over in a corner (bad habit in the past few years - my AWESOME MX-Tech suspension and a little more experience has helped me finally shake it some this year) I said to myself "That's it! I'm getting a KX 100" :confused:

I still would like to get one - ride both it and my 125 on the same tracks for a few months, check lap times, see what I feel more comfortable on, and go from there. Too bad their isn't a bike in between the 100 and the 125 :)


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
I was at the store this evening and thumbed to the article. "Short" article is an understatement. I've seen advertisements that have more information in them. :think

Merely a teaser, as far as I'm concerned. No ride report, comparing it to a stock KX100 in the trails or a race report, from someone who might actually RIDE one of these at an off-track event. Just a list of about $2000 worth of PC parts, and the IMS gas tank. Save your money, don't bother buying the whole magazine. (Typical Dirt Rider)


Jan 10, 2001
Comparing a KX100 to a XR100 is like comparing a ferrari to a VW. KX has much better suspension more power and lots more topend. Great bike I'm about to get my 2nd one as soon as 2002s are out. I love mine don't even want to ride my 80 anymore. I'm 5ft 112lbs and 11 yrs old.


Jan 30, 2000
GSR wrote
Speaking of the KX100 and Dirtygirly.... where the heck has she been lately??
Rumour has it that she had a spodely incident while testing, received injuries that required treatment (not life threatening) and is too embarassed to recount the details.


Jul 12, 2001
I started off on a KX100, with a 98, then I bought a new one in 00. I really love them, and could actually reach the ground. However, standing up I felt a bit tall, it wasn't comfortable to ride that way for very long. I love my YZ125, but being able to reach the ground does have it's advantages :)
I wish I still had my 100, so that I could fall back on it when the 125 seems too challenging. It had way better bottom end with an FMF Fatty pipe on it then the YZ has as well.
Compared to an XR100, well, it's got WAY MORE power. I just rode one for the first time last month, it was like sitting in an easy chair! Great bike for beginners for sure.
But after being on the KX, it was kinda boring.


Jun 18, 2000
I wish I still had MINE!

I cant get out to ride very much any more but when I do, I always think about my old 98 KX100. My 99 YZ125 takes a lot of strength (strength that I'm far from having right now) to ride. I did feel cramped on the thing but I think I could rail around the track a lot faster and have more fun. If I could ride a lot, I'd want my YZ125 for sure.


Sep 6, 2000
out from hibernation

hi all, havent been in here for quiet a while. Been very busy with school work..( or should i say riding :p )

I finally rode my kx125 n raced it last last weekend. I dont really feel a super big difference power wise between my 100 n the 125. However I didnt have to squeeze the 125 like i had to for the 100 just to keep up with the other 125s, but it did feel a bit funny and longish in the corners. The conering aggression was 1 thing that i could do on the 100. For some strange reason, the 125 made me feel safer on the jumps, like it feels more solid so I have the cnfidence to jump higher.

Right now, all I'm lacking is physical strength. I am having difficulty in lifting up my bike. Especially after a few falls.

The 100 is a great bike, it is still sitting downstairs with my 125. I will be missing it when it is sold.


Feb 28, 2000
My Spodely Incident....

I hope this link works
Kiwi is right, the rumor is true...posted about it in the general ride reports forum. Oh boy, I'm not going to hear the end of this one, my friends are still razzing me about it. But it's not going to stop me from riding. ;)*my ...uhh ...accident*
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