Aug 2, 2007
Hello first of all i am new on this forum and i don't know if i am in the good section if not please advise me. I have a kx 125 2000 and my front fork's seals are finish... The one who is leaking is only the one on the bottom (last one) oil is getting out by there. I wanted to know is there a special process to take it off or i can simply take it off and put the other one there with no probleme. And if sombody know the ratio of the oil that goes in there i've looked in my book and it can't tell me. My front fork is a Pro-tech so i don't know if it's the same!!! thank you for your answers :cool:


Apr 11, 2006
Try getting a peice of a "negative" film strip (the black strips that always come with developed pictures) slide the dust seal off and put that strip in there and twist it around or u can use cardboard or your brother's tooth brush. While doing that use some sort of contack cleaner to blast out any dirt or grime because one tiny peice of grit can make your seal leak oil. If you get it out of there it should stop leaking.

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